New Moog ‘Dark Series’ synths out now (plus some Moog cases)!

Take your Moog on the road

Not content with releasing the new Dark Series, Moog has also announced a new range of protective travel cases for players of both synths (obviously they fit the original colours too) . These cases are semi hard cases, with buckets of storage for, not just your instrument, but laptops, audio interfaces, and lots more. If you need to hit the road, for a gig, collaboration, or simply to find a change of scenery for inspiration then these cases could be just the ticket.

Shoulder straps are supplied too, so you can spread the weight, making these useful and comfortable.

Today’s news is exciting for touring musicians and the Dark series synths could well bring a few naysayers over to the matriarch’s family. I hope so, as there is an awful lot to love!

Thanks all


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