Synth jam 4. Vapour trails


I recently got my Arturia Matrixbrute back in the studio, so to warm up and find it’s place again I plugged it into the Strymon Big Sky, set a bass drone going on the Sequential Prophet Rev2 and a slow and low pulsing sequence on the Moog Sub 37. Just tinkering over the top with a very basic brass type of patch. Excuse the bum notes (there are a good few) and the shockingly bad key change. The Matrixbrute is an astounding synth but I find it takes me a while to get back into playing it. Unlike the Grandmother, which feels like home no matter when I play it (and I’m really not much of a player! That said, it sounds immense and adore it. The sounds it makes here are two oscillators, with a tiny amount of sub, through the ladder filter, with an envelope controlling both filter and amp. Matrixbrute into big sky, into m-audio rack interface, into logic. Please subscribe and like if you want to hear more synth music, learn how to make your own or to see reviews of synth based gear.

Thanks until next time!

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