Free Moog Grandmother patch booklet

Hi everybody,

the synth music community is awesome! It’s rare to see arguing, trolling and flaming of any kind, just good simple sharing and support.

That’s why I want to give something (even if it is small) back. So I spent a little time gathering my patch notes (because only I could understand the originals!) for the Moog Grandmother, to make a little pdf of my favourite sounds. You can download it below, for free. I don’t need any credit at all but I would love to hear if you use them for anything.

I started with the Moog Grandmother as it’s got no preset memory and also because it’s become my goto writing synth. They keybed is fantastic, the sound is rich and warm and it’s intuitive too but mostly it’s just fun.

Here’s a little demo of the sounds too. Just a short and sweet run through. Please consider subscribing to my youtube channel too. There will be loads more coming over the next weeks and months.

I’ll be making more of these patches as well as presets for synths with memory, like the Sub37, System 8 and Propher Rev2, so if there’s anything you would like me to cover let me know below.

Thanks for now, from the synth jungle.

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