Phosphors, out very soon!

The last six months or so have been spent in the studio, writing and producing the debut album. This all started with SR14783, the first track I wrote, as a way to get to grips with the Sequential Circuits Prophet Rev 2.

The journey has been a long but thoroughly enjoyable one, with new tracks written along the way, some falling by the wayside while others have been put to one side for later, as they didn’t quite fit the theme. Which brings me to the theme, which is part of a larger creative endeavour. A long tern passion project is a short film\story that I’ve been slowly developing. The screen play is written, character studies and worldview also written and some lookdev done. This album takes it’s cues from that project and in my mind I was taking inspiration from the people, places and scenes. I’ll share more of that as and when it comes round.

So then, Phosphors is due to be released very soon and will be available on bandcamp for lossless downloads and previews, then on all the main streaming services, including Apple music, Spotify and Amazon music.

I’ll post again once the album is released, with links to where you can listen to it. For now, here is the cover.

Thanks and back soon!

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